Discarded Fruit

Session Seventeen


They take the parts back home and everyone helps Skittle fix the car while they wait for Sha to come back. After, Free and Carla go off to spend some time alone while Skittle and Snake clean the blood out of the interior. Sha comes back, she’d gone to the museum to learn about Ibiss, with a statue of Thoth for her Ibiss.

Carla and Free have touchy-feely snuggle time while Skittle and Snake continue with the car.

4. Vitriol Sha confessed that she’d seen a created give up their vitriol before and die after Calogero suggests asking Free for his.

Calogero: He smiles. “And you wouldn’t want him to suffer the same fate. What of Carla?” Sha: nodding at him “Perhaps… I would have to discuss it with her.” sort of scowling because really I don’t know if I can trust her like the rest of the group does. Though if she does provide the vitirol perhaps that will prove herself trustworthy. Calogero: “It doesn’t matter if she suffers the same fate.” Sha: “Up to this point she hasn’t proven herself trustworthy, it’s still possible that she is working for the Brotherhood.” standing up “I will ask her, her answer will prove where her loyalties lie.” Calogero: “If she says no, it means that she is a traitor. Regardless of whether or not she knows what it may cost her to give you her vitriol?” Sha: I sort of look at him but not answering his question, I head upstairs to the others, and to Carla…

Sha walks in on Free and Carla having sex. In a surprisingly respectful move, Sha quietly leaves, allowing them to finish. When they finish Sha speaks to Carla. Carla agrees. Meanwhile, Free goes outside to help Snake and Skittle. He tells them that he left Carla alone with Sha and they question the wisdom of that.

Free goes in and discovers what Carla has agreed to do. He tries to convince Sha to use his virtriol, but Sha wants nothing to do with it. And Carla wants badly to convince Sha that she’s not a spy, so she insists on doing it despite Free’s arguments.

During the discussion, Free admits that he loves her in front of Calogero who seems happy to hear that news.


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