Discarded Fruit

Session Twenty

3 vitirol 3 xp

They wake up and Sha finds a note from Calogero saying he’s off to find the next headquarters. They go have lunch in the park. After eating, Sha gets a phone call from saying claiming to have Calogero. They say they’ll kill him if the group doesn’t leave the town. Sha negotiates an exchange. The group heads out to scope the meeting spot.

They get there and check for traps. Upon finding none, they wait. Skittle watches the people and notices that all the people with kids leave. He also notices someone watching them. Slowly, the group realizes that everyone at the rest stop is connected to the kidnappers. They finally bring out Calogero and escort the throng out of town.

Calogero then explains that they need to find out who their bodies were before they became created. They decide to go back to where they found Free to start.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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