Discarded Fruit

Left and Leaving (Session 22)

2 xp

Free looked up at the pictures. “So, I come from the same place as Sha and I have the same progenitor as Carla?”

Sha’s fists clench and unclench. She might have been angry at being so closely associated with them or having her history laid out like this, she wasn’t sure.

“This is frightening,” Carla said, a frown crossing her face.

Skittle squirmed out of Snake’s grip, but leaned on him for support.

“Well,” Snake smiled optimistically, “look on the bright side. You all are practically family.”

“No,” Sha sounded certain.

Snake held Skittle close. “What do you make of all this?”

Skittle leaned forward to examine the photos closer. “They all came from the same place. Maybe the brotherhood—” He stopped himself, thinking better of where he was about to take the conversation. He changed direction. “Maybe the brotherhood is after them too.”

“Perhaps it’s just God’s way of showin’ us that we’re all connected,” Free tried to convince himself as Carla gripped his hand tighter.

“Sure,” Snake was done with the God discussion. “Aren’t we supposed to go north?”

Carla nodded. “We need to know why we were created.”

“If your progenitor is still alive, you might be able to ask him.”

Skittle climbed up Snake like a tree. “Free said Drakonta killed him.”

Free nodded in confirmation.

“Oh, right.”

“And what of Drakonta?” Carla asked.

Skittle laid his head on Snake’s chest. “I killed him.”

Free crossed his arms over his chest and shuddered. “He did bad things to me in there.” He pointed at the workshop.

“What kind of things?” Snake asked, more than a little concerned about the answer he might receive.

Free continued, his voice shaking slightly, “He poked and prodded. He even cut me. It was like he wanted to open me up or something. And he hit me with a stick when I didn’t do what he asked. When I made mistakes.”

Skittle searched for something to say. He knew there were words that should do something to fill the awkward silence that followed Free’s admission. He felt like he known them once. Not sure if they were right, he settled on, “It’s okay. He’s gone now. You don’t have to be afraid of him anymore.”

“He was also kind to me. He called me ‘son’. He could be very gentle.” Free got a little lost in thought. “He was like anybody, I guess. He could be kind or cruel.”

This time, when no one filled the silence, Skittle couldn’t think of anything. “Are we ready?”

They met Sha on the front steps. She had Dr. Jensin’s journal cradled in her arms.

“Are we ready?” Skittle asked again, suddenly worried that not only was he talking too much, but he was also beginning to repeat himself.

Sha looked down, pondering her shoes. “Where are we going next?”

“We need to go to Prince Albert, Ms. Sha,” Free offered.

Sha petted the journal. “All I have that is left is this.” Then she looked up at Free. “It’s Prince George.”

Free paused. “What’s Prince Albert then?”

“A piercing,” Skittle answered.

Free touched the hoop in his left ear. “Is this a Prince Albert?”

Skittle buried his face in Snake’s shoulder, suppressing a laugh. Snake chuckled and ran his fingers through Skittle’s hair.

Matter-of-factly, Sha added, “Alternatively, he was a man born in the Saxon duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld to a family connected to many of Europe’s ruling monarchs. At the age of twenty, he married his first cousin, Queen Victoria, with whom he had nine children. At first, Albert felt constrained by his position as consort, which did not confer any power or duties upon him.”  “Poor guy,” Carla said.

“If he was in love with the queen,” Free said, pulling Carla closer, “then he was lucky because he got to be with the person he loved.”

Sha, still on facts and caring little for Free’s romantic notions, corrected him. “Often times in the royal court, love and marriage had nothing to do with each other. Mostly marriage was a matter of position and standing. A way to further the royal blood. It’s also what caused most of the genetic defects within the royal line.”

“Well,” Carla didn’t even realize she was correcting Sha, “not directly the cause, but definitely a precipitating factor.”

Sha raised an eyebrow, but before she could retort, Skittle interrupted.

“Are we ready?”

Sha went to retrieve Calogero, who, in usual form, insisted on not going. However, since he’d been kidnapped the last time he didn’t go, it was decided among the majority that he clearly could not be left alone. So, Snake and Skittle, having nothing in Canada, agreed to stay and look after him.

They hide the car near the border and get in through the fence, since none of them have papers.

Session Twenty-One


6 vitriol for Free

On the way to Drakonta’s house, Sha presses against the door in the over-full backseat. She tries to ignore the feel of Calogero pressing against her side as he sleeps. It’s distracting and she needs to study Dr. Jensen’s journal again. Free steels himself for what he’s sure is going to be a difficult visit to the house where’d he’d been a prison for so long. He holds Carla Two close, petting her hair. Skittle concentrates on driving, focusing on the road and letting the long yellow highway lines guide his way, lulling him into half-hypnotized auto pilot. Snake brings him back every now and then with a touch.

Drakonta’s house is much the way they left it. His car is still halfway down the driveway, hood up from when they’d stolen the parts to fix their truck. What they didn’t take is strewn around it like guts.

“That’s Drak-k-konta’s house up ahead,” Free has difficulty getting the words out.

Sha looks up from the journal. “We’re here!” The dismantled car catches her attention. She smiled and softly put her hand on Skittle’s shoulder. “And extra parts!”

Skittle, ever the optimist, shakes his head. “Won’t fit. Wrong model. Wrong year.”

He slows down as he navigates the bumpy dirt road. It had only been a few weeks since they’d been here last, but the house already looked as if it’d been abandoned for years. Drakonta’s body should have been next to it, bloody at the head with bits of brain and skull splayed out, but it wasn’t. A trail of dried blood led away from the house.

Skittle goes to the bushes where he’d tossed the gun and carefully searches for the it. He finds it, but there’s only two bullets left.

Sha, obliviously still excited about the car parts, continues to smile. “My first functions were used in manufacturing. I’m pretty sure that I could find something useful.” As an afterthought, “Would Drakonta have any security measures?”

Free steps out of the car, still holding Carla Two’s hand, and shivers. “Drakonta used magic. He made plants grow out of the ground and fire appear in his hand.”

Sha’s smile turns to a dark and she gives her attention back to Drakonta’s car. She digs around under the hood, looking for anything useful they hadn’t taken before.

Calogero’s eyes brighten as Sha’s smile dimmed. “Really? A true wizard? I’d suspected, but none of my theories had ever panned out.”

Free nods, not as excited. In his free hand, he holds his guitar like a security blanket. “Want a tour of the house?”

Calogero nods emphatically. “Please.”

Free leads Carla Two, Calogero, Snake, and Skittle inside while Sha stays out, pulling wires and hoses off the engine and putting them in the trunk of their car.

The house iss large and most of it seemed unused for years. Layers of dust, more than could accumulate in just a few weeks, cover the living room and kitchen. Deeper inside, a bedroom with marks covering the walls. A locked door at the end of the hall and backdoor that led to a greenhouse garden. The place was old enough that it had an outhouse visible through the bedroom windows. Free kept finding himself tangled up in memories. Skittle stayed close to Snake, careful not to touch anything.

In the greenhouse, Free introduces Calogero to all the plants he could name.

“Interesting. These plants are useful in alchemical—” Calogero didn’t get to finish.

Sha, having taken everything she thought was useful, went inside to meet the others. As soon as she passes the threshold, every exit slammed closed.

Skittle glares silently at the door.

Carla Two moves closer to Free. “What happened.”

Snake kickes the door.

“Drakonta.” Free swallowes hard.

Snake slammes his hammer into the door. “Drakonta’s dead.”

Sha makes her way to the greenhouse. It was hard for her to not smile with that I-told-you-so smugness that came so naturally to her. “Hrm, looks like there is some security.”

Free had to force himself to not squeeze Carla Two’s hand too tightly. “Drakonta has magic powers. Maybe we thought he was dead but he came back.” He managed to let go of her and his guitar long enough to try to open the door. He could feel his tongue seizing up in his mouth the way it always did when got scared.

“There’s got to be an exit or something. Free?”

“Is Drakonta doing this?”

Free struggled with the door, the panic slowly seeping into him. “Glabarka!”

Skittle chewed on his nails as he watched the others look for a way out.

“Freidgle mak thebfreegamant!” Words were still new to Free and they failed him frequently. “Glorp glorp dsaga.”

Carla Two watched him with concern. “Free,” she started, but trailed off, not sure where to go with that sentence. But she’d doen enough. Just the sound of her voice melted the fear away from Free. He was a warrior. He was Samson and no tongue was going to get the better of him.

Snake scowled. “It’s his tongue. Doing that thing again.”

Skittle turned and went back into the house proper. He grabbed the first chair that looked heavy enough to break the glass and took it to Snake.  Free shook off the last of the terror and closed his eyes. His breath became frosty and visible and the temperature around him seemed to drop. With his humor flooding the muscles of his arms and legs, he ran at the door. He bounced off it hard, slightly dazed from the impact.

Shaking his head, Free said, “Unbreakable.”

Snake hit the glass with the chair. Nothing. He screamed and smashed the chair into the glass. The chair came down in pieces, the glass continued to hold. He growled in frustration, tossing the parts left in his hand to the side.

“Ah!” Skittle gingerly touched a small crack in the glass. “Look.”

Snake brightened. “So it IS breakable!”

Sha left quickly to find something more structurally sound. Free left with Carla to see if there was another way. Snake continued to pound at the glass with his hammer to no avail.

Sha found fireplace tools and put her hands over them. Her body lost it’s human appearance. Blue electricity flowed over the tools, melting them together. Then they became something else all together. Grinning, she handed the brand new ax to Snake.

Snake took it. “You just made this?”

Sha grinned and nodded. She loved being useful.

Calogero stood next to Free and Carla Two at the locked door. “What’s in here? This man seems to have been a gifted alchemist.”

Snake swung the ax at the glass. Sparks flew. He made another sound of frustration and touched the glass. “Hot. It’s hot.”

Sha stepped forward. “May I?”

Snaked handed her the ax.

The workshop door cracked as Free hit it.

Calogero smiled. “Again, young Free.”

Sha held the ax, letting the heat diffuse for a bit. She hefted the ax. “You might want to stand back.”

Skittle moved behind Snake as Sha’s human face fell away again, revealing the robotics underneath.

The workshop door breaks as Free tackles it again. Calogero cheers.

Sha strikes the glass with the ax and more sparks fly. The metal of the ax is beginning to break, but there’s no further damage to the glass. Skittle goes to find another chair.

Free heads into the workshop. A rush of cold air passes over them. Carla Two keeps close to Free.

Sha puts some flakes from the glass into purse as Skittle gives Snake another chair. The chair breaks. The glass still does not.

Snake drops the broken pieces. “I don’t get it.”

Sha tosses the ax aside as it reverts back its original form. “Unless we find something stronger than that glass, it’s pointless. I’m going to see how the others are doing.” Sha meets up with Calogero.

Calogero and Sha look around the workroom in amazement. There are two tables on either side of the room with a number of different magical components, brewing equipment, and chemistry equipment on them. The slab where Drakonta did his experiments on Free and the rod he beat him with were still there. Free’s blood dried and cracked on the surfaces. Near it was another table with a single lead nail driven deep into the top. The positioning was odd.

“I recognize some of this,” Sha says, surprised at the condition of this room as compared to the rest of the house. “I could do a lot of research in here!” She caught sight of the nail and looked closer. Lead was the most worldly of all metals and surely an alchemist that was so careful with the rest of his lab wouldn’t have a random nail just sitting there. Still, there were no symbols to identify and it’s place on the table seemed random at best.

Free points at the table, not quite able to walk up to it. “Bad table. Drakonta did bad things to me on this table.”

Carla holds his arm. “It’ll be okay. He’s not here anymore.”

As Skittle takes another look at the glass, a chill passes over him. He rubs his arm and thinks of following Sha, but then something wraps around his leg and pulls him down. With a yelp, he grips onto Snake’s arm as he falls.

Sha puts her hand around the nail and pulls it out. Her head is filled with the sound of screaming. She covers her ears, but it doesn’t help. And then she realizes that it’s Dr. Jensen screaming.

“Hey!” Snake shouts. A vine was curled around Skittle’s leg and squirming it’s way higher. The vine led to a gaping maw formed by two leaves and full of thorny teeth. The gun clatters to the ground, sliding out of Skittle’s reach.

Free rushes back at the sound of Snake’s yell. The air goes cold around him as he sends strength to his body.

Snake grabs Skittle’s arms and tries to pull him back. “Stay with me! Free! Grab… something!”

Skittle stayed silent, but gave Snake a look that said, “Yes, that’s the plan. Don’t fucking let go of me.”

Sha’s ZPM core starts to heat up. “No!” Her voice was flat and mechanical.

Calogero touches her. “Sha, come back to us. Where you are, you are not now. Leave that place and return here.”

Free punches the plant maw with all his might. The thick plant body cushions most of the blow.

Sha stares at Calogero as if he were someone else. “Dr. Jensen! Please, Malachai, wake up!” She sobs, but it’s a tearless, robot imitation.

Another vine shoots out toward Free, but hits the wall behind him.

Around Skittle, the vine tightens, forcing a yelp out of him. He tries to pull himself closer to Snake. Skittle could feel his ribs grinding against each other.

Sha’s flashbacks stop as Calogero grips her arm and says again, “Sha, I’m not Dr. Jensen.” Sha looks at him as the humanity returns to her face. Then something throws him back and he slams against the opposite wall and falls to the floor unconscious.

Carla Two and Sha both yell his name. Sha stabs the nail back into the table and backs away from it, toward Calogero.

“I don’t think you should leave it,” Carla Two says. “You got attacked after you grabbed it right?”

Sha shouts, “Then I hurt him!” She checks to make sure he’s okay.

Free follows his punch to the plant with a kick. He connects with a hollow sound.

The vine monster manages to pull Skittle closer to it’s mouth, dragging Snake with him. The vine tightens again and something in Skittle’s chest pops. He yelps again.

“Don’t let go of me!” He begs Snake.

Carla carefully approaches the nail. “What about this? Why not use the nail against the glass? If it’s powerful enough to…” She trails off, looking at Calogero sadly.

The second vine manages to grab Free.

Snake holds on tightly, his anger at the plant beginning to boil to the surface. “Skittle, I’m not letting you go!”

Sha continues looking over Calogero. “I don’t want to grab that thing again.”

Carla says, “What if I grab it?”

“It’s bad.”

Free hits the plant again. Skittle manages to a little loose. The vine slips down to his waist before regaining its hold.

Carla tries to pull the nail out, but can’t. Reluctantly, Sha wraps her hands around Carla’s and the two of them get it out together. Everything in the room suddenly flies off the walls at them. Sha defends Carla, trying to bat things away. Sha covers Carla as they run back tot he greenhouse.

She paused slightly when she saw the monster. “Great! Everything’s trying to kill us!”

Carla hands Sha the nail and points at Snake’s forgotten hammer.

“Brilliant!” Sha grabs the hammer and steadies the nail in the crack. “Stand back!” And she swings at the nail.

The monster pulls Free into it’s mouth and the teeth start to close in on him.

The nail bursts through the glass and every window in the greenhouse shatters, raining a million shimmering pieces down. The plant’s maw drops impotently closed on Free like a large, leafy blanket.

The leaf protects Free. Sha and Snake pull Carla and Skittle, respectively, back into the hallway. Skittle is slower as he tries to catch his breath and a shard of glass lodges itself in his ankle.

Sha cheers. “Victory!”

Free gets out of the plant and kicks it.

Carla rushes to his side. “What happened?”

“Hell if I know. Shit.” He crouches to tend to Skittle’s foot. “Stay very still.”

Skittle nods, but pushes his bloody shoe away from him with his good foot.

“I think it was a magic trap,” Free says.

“Possibly. A thermal reaction to the nail,” Sha says, tearing off the hem of her shirt and wrapping the nail in it.  “It can make Sha burn,” Carla says.

“It wasn’t the nail,” Sha corrected. “I heard screaming when I picked it up. I-I saw bad things. Terrible things.”

Calogero steps into the greenhouse. “It does appear that the nail contains some important properties. Free, do you remember anything about that particular thing?”

Free shrugs. “Drakonta sometimes played with that nail, but he never moved it. His magic was the strongest in his workshop. He could turn lead into gold and do things beyond the imagination in this place. One time he hit me and broke my jaw, but he did even more amazing things than that.”

Sha and Snake get Skittle back to his feet, but he refuses to put the bloody shoe back on so they help him out to the car. Snake gives him comforting assurances that he can change pants when they get outside. At the car, Skittle takes off his sock with two fingers to keep from touching it too much and tosses it aside. He changes his pants and leaves the bloody ones on the ground, disgusted with them.

At Free’s insistence, the others look around for something else that could be important. Free finds an ornamented leather box full of small human bones. Calogero stays in the workroom, exploring it. He explains that it’s a clean room and he do both Snake and Carla’s elixirs here.

Carla says, “Everyone, look.”

Sha looks into the box. “They look like children’s bones.”

“I wonder what he was doing with those,” Free says.

Sha walks that way. “Well, maybe he was using them to bring back the child’s soul in you. According to all the research I’ve compiled so far, that’s what Prometheans are in it’s most basic means. Resurrected souls. Most of the time there’s a corruption wiping clean previous memories, but I would guess sometimes they could bleed through.”

Carla shakes her head “No, guys. I mean over here.” She motions and everyone follows her to the basement door. “It goes someplace, but it’s locked.”

Skittle looks up at Snake and frowns. “Dropped the gun.”

Snake says, “I’ll go get it. You stay right here. Out here where you’re safe.”

Skittle gets up and tries to follow Snake. Snake puts his hands on Skittle’s shoulders, holding him in place. “You’re hurt. Stay.”

“Don’t want to be in a horror movie.”

Snake fought back a smile that would betray his usual demeanor. “All right, but I’m carrying you.” Reluctantly, Skittle agrees.

As they meet up with the others, Sha explains, “You realize if this goes further in there could be more traps.”

Free nods. “I know. But I need to know. Maybe there’s something down there that could help.”

Sha breaks the padlock.

In the basement, they find lots of maps and pictures. Pictures of Free’s creator. Carla Two explains that she thinks she knows him. That she thinks he killed Carla One and created her out of the body. Making her Carla Two.

Free points to a place on the map. A place in Canada.

Sha shakes her head. “It can’t be.”

Skittle looks at Sha questioningly.

Sha continues. “Those maps. That’s just outside of Prince George. It’s where I was created.”

Session Twenty

3 vitirol 3 xp

They wake up and Sha finds a note from Calogero saying he’s off to find the next headquarters. They go have lunch in the park. After eating, Sha gets a phone call from saying claiming to have Calogero. They say they’ll kill him if the group doesn’t leave the town. Sha negotiates an exchange. The group heads out to scope the meeting spot.

They get there and check for traps. Upon finding none, they wait. Skittle watches the people and notices that all the people with kids leave. He also notices someone watching them. Slowly, the group realizes that everyone at the rest stop is connected to the kidnappers. They finally bring out Calogero and escort the throng out of town.

Calogero then explains that they need to find out who their bodies were before they became created. They decide to go back to where they found Free to start.

Session Nineteen

4xp 8 vitriol 2 extra for Sha 4 extra for Skittle

Sha gives the light to Calogero and he creates the elixir. The final three draw straws again. Carla wins, but wants to go last, so she gives her turn to Skittle.

Sha desperately wants to stay with Calogero while he moves to a new location and Skittle goes to get his

1. Eye of Thoth Skittle goes to a new age bookstore to get a tarot deck. The cashier calls him Kevin and shows him a picture of them together along with his sister. Skittle insists it isn’t him and leaves the money on the counter. After finding out it’s the judgement card he wants, Sha argues that Thoth had little to do with judgment and urged him to use the magician. Skittle stuck with his original choice.

The went to Calogero’s new place. Like the crack house, it was very dirty.

2. Breath of Life/Death Skittle takes a picture of his first kiss with Snake.

3. Aspect of the Ibiss Eggs.

4. Vitriol With Carla’s help, Skittle makes a voodoo doll of Sephie, his creator. He says it’s the most vitriolic thing he could think to do.

5. Light of a Dying Star Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix

The elixir will give Skittle a +7. Free’s elixir grants him a +5. Sha’s will give a +5 as well.

Calogero suggests they form a throng. There’s some static between Skittle and Sha, Skittle not entirely trusting Sha, but in the end they do it. Since Skittle’s been in a throng before, he leads the meditation.

Carla insists that Snake go next. But first, they sleep.

Session Eighteen


Free finally gives in once Calogero has mostly assured Free that Carla will be alright, Free agrees to let her do it. She’s weak afterwards and Sha helps her up to bed where Free takes over her care.

Sha hangs out with Calogero while she tries to think of

5. The Light of a Dying Star

Sha goes outside to talk to Snake and Skittle and see if they’ve got any ideas.

Sha: grabbing a rag to help clean, “What do you think of when someone says ‘dying star’?” Skittle: “A dying star.” Snake: “A dying star. Same here.” Sha: pausing and frowning a bit “Me too.” going back to cleaning “Unfortunately long range space travel is still so far off.” kinda snickering a some personal joke. Skittle: “We already used that for Free’s.” Snake: nods. “We’ll have to come up with something else.” Sha: “Pictures, yes. Can not reuse ingredients, which is unfortunate. It was such a brilliant idea.” Skittle: “Sunlight.” Snake: “But the sun isn’t dying.” Skittle: “Yes it is. Discovery channel. In a few million years, it will stop.” Sha: pausing again “Exactly! Everything in exsistence is in a constant state of Entropy, albeit at it’s individual rate of speed.” Smiling up at Skittle “Even our sun, I even know how to collect the light needed. Brilliant Skittle!” Skittle: I nod and continue scrubbing. Snake: smiles. “That’s pretty genius.” [Skittle: “Discovery channel.”

Sha decides to build a device from solar panels to hold sunlight. They head to a department store and get run out at gunpoint as usual. Back at the house, Sha puts the thing together. Everyone sleeps and in the morning she reveals it to Calogero.

Session Seventeen


They take the parts back home and everyone helps Skittle fix the car while they wait for Sha to come back. After, Free and Carla go off to spend some time alone while Skittle and Snake clean the blood out of the interior. Sha comes back, she’d gone to the museum to learn about Ibiss, with a statue of Thoth for her Ibiss.

Carla and Free have touchy-feely snuggle time while Skittle and Snake continue with the car.

4. Vitriol Sha confessed that she’d seen a created give up their vitriol before and die after Calogero suggests asking Free for his.

Calogero: He smiles. “And you wouldn’t want him to suffer the same fate. What of Carla?” Sha: nodding at him “Perhaps… I would have to discuss it with her.” sort of scowling because really I don’t know if I can trust her like the rest of the group does. Though if she does provide the vitirol perhaps that will prove herself trustworthy. Calogero: “It doesn’t matter if she suffers the same fate.” Sha: “Up to this point she hasn’t proven herself trustworthy, it’s still possible that she is working for the Brotherhood.” standing up “I will ask her, her answer will prove where her loyalties lie.” Calogero: “If she says no, it means that she is a traitor. Regardless of whether or not she knows what it may cost her to give you her vitriol?” Sha: I sort of look at him but not answering his question, I head upstairs to the others, and to Carla…

Sha walks in on Free and Carla having sex. In a surprisingly respectful move, Sha quietly leaves, allowing them to finish. When they finish Sha speaks to Carla. Carla agrees. Meanwhile, Free goes outside to help Snake and Skittle. He tells them that he left Carla alone with Sha and they question the wisdom of that.

Free goes in and discovers what Carla has agreed to do. He tries to convince Sha to use his virtriol, but Sha wants nothing to do with it. And Carla wants badly to convince Sha that she’s not a spy, so she insists on doing it despite Free’s arguments.

During the discussion, Free admits that he loves her in front of Calogero who seems happy to hear that news.

Session Sixteen


Everyone wakes up. Skittle starts working on the car to repair the damage that was done to it in the fight. Sha spends most of the morning being offish. Skittle responds by hiding from her most of the time.

Sha hits up an ATM and discovers the credit card they’ve been using was cancelled, so she short circuits the machine into giving her $8,000. She takes it back to the group, gives them 2,000 to fix the car, and leaves to find her Ibiss. Skittle and the rest head to the junkyard to get a new windshield and other necessary parts.

Session Fifteen


They kill one of the guys and Skittle steals his radio. It seems like the Brotherhood released a Pandoran into the house, so the group runs away, respecting the better part of valor. Snake gets shot pretty bad. So does the car.

When they get back to the crack house, Sha informs the others of her plan to kill Carla if she can’t convince Sha that she didn’t tell the Brotherhood where they were. Skittle tries to stop her by not letting her get out at Calogero’s, but Sha is tenacious and jumps out of the moving car. Back at the house, Sha storms inside to Carla.

Skittle: I go after Sha. “Sha, stop.” Sha: spinning around angry “What!” Free: I’m standing protectively in front of Carla Two Skittle: “Leave her alone.” Sha: “Why?” Skittle: “Because she’s like us. She’s terrified of them.” Carla: “What is happening?” Snake: limps inside, still bleeding. “SHA, you don’t know who led them there.” Free: “Did you get the items you needed from Mr Cologero’s house?” Sha: “But she’s feeding them information about us, me.” turning to Carla “WE were attack YOUR friends! I will end this now.” and starts for Carla. Free: I’m in between Carla and SHA Skittle: I fire a shot in Sha’s direction. Not to hit. Just to warn. Sha: i continue. Free: “Ms SHA kindly stop” I say makeing sure I’m in between SHA and Carla Sha: “Explain Yourself!” Skittle: “Stop it!” Sha: reaching out to grab her Skittle: I shoot Sha.

Sha, having suffered other wounds at the hands of the Brotherhood, passes out after Skittle shoots her. Carla has a strange freak out moment in which she starts parroting Free. Skittle shuts down. Calogero patches up Snake and then Sha, insisting that the healing process is an important part of being human. Sha wakes up, embarrassed that Calogero had to fix her like that.

Session Fourteen


They begin their search for

2. Breath of Life/Death

Sha: “I’ve got it!” smiling and snapping her fingers together “Carbon!” Skittle: “Where?” Free: “Like coal?” Carla: “The origin of life.” Snake: “From dust to dust.” Free: “Do you believe that a rock gave birth to life?” Skittle: “Do you believe a sky ghost did?” I spit back at him, before I even realize I’m saying it. And I immediately look apologetic. Sha: looking at Free kinda surprised “You’re exactly correct, Free. Coal. It’s pure carbon. All life on earth has a common carbon base, and when they die, their bodies turn into coal after several thousands of years of course.” Free: I stop “Good point Skittle.” Snake: “Carbon’s everywhere. Pencils, charcoal, everything.” Free: “We’re made of Carbon too right?” Sha: “Funny thing huh? Humans use the dead to fuel fire, children use the dead to practice writing.”

Sha upsets someone while getting the coal and a police officer shoots at her as she’s leaving. The idea that she was shot for her incivility comforts Free slightly, but then less so when the cop misses and hits Free instead. Snake helps ditch the car. Sha uses the battery to heal Free.

Back at the crack house, Calogero has cooked burgers for everyone. Sha gives him the charcoal. Skittle refuses to eat inside so Snake brings the food out to him. Skittle still refuses to eat, not wanting anything that came out of that kitchen. Free eats and starts getting things together to make a homemade banjo. Skittle admires the car that he’s pretty much fixed and Snake promises to get some new paint for it.

3. Aspect of the Ibiss

Sha gets Skittle to take her back to Calogero’s to get a thermometer to get the mercury out of it. Snake comes along. When they get there, they realize that Calogero’s house is being watched. They get attacked by The Brotherhood who want to take Sha alive, but kill the others. The Brotherhood shatters the back windshield of the car, among other things.

Session Thirteen


They head to a library, but it’s 9pm and the library is closed. Sha decides to break in.

Skittle: “What..?” I ask as I follow her. Carla: “The doors are on this side of the building.” Sha: “I will go to the back and shut off the power, Skittle can you pick the lock of the doors for me?” Skittle: “Yes, but computers won’t work with no power.” Sha: SHA grins “I know, I will power it down long enough for you to open the doors.” hops out of the truck “See you shortly.” Skittle: I look at Snake, “Should I tell her that sometimes alarms go off when the power gets cut?” Snake: “I didn’t know that. You probably should.” Skittle: I go after Sha. “Sha?” Sha: SHA is “sneaking” around to the back, which actually is just her walking slowly around the back. “Skittle?” Skittle: “Alarms. Sometimes go off with back-up when the power’s cut off.” Sha: SHA stops when I here that. turning around. “Oh?” SHA frowns. “Can you stop the alarm?” Skittle: I shrug. Free: “Are there cafes where people use computers?” Sha: “People, Free, yes.” Snake: “How do the alarms work?” Skittle: “Electric triggers.” Carla: “It takes 30 seconds for the alarm to go off after the door is opened. Then you type 00543 into the panel to the right of the door next to the counter.” Sha: SHA looks at Carla kinda stunned. Skittle: I look at Carla. Snake: Snake looks at Carla. Sha: “How do yu know that?” Carla: Carla looks at everyone. “Carla One remembers.” Sha: “Who’s Carla One?” Skittle: “Her body.” Free: “Really? I thought Carla One was another Promethean.” Sha: “So, she worked here, before…she was turned into a promethean.” Turns to Carla. “Answer?” Carla: Carla looks down, then around at everyone’s feet. “I do not know. I think it is possible. Yes, I must have.”

They get inside and Sha goes to a computer to copy the site. The group mills about, waiting. Skittle finds pot on the desk as he’s cleaning it up and smells pot in the air. Just as he’s about to warn the others that they’re not alone, they all hear a toilet flush. Skittle and Free hold the door shut until Sha finishes, then she holds it shut while the others run out.

They drive to the new address given to them by Calogero. Which turns out to be an abandoned crack house. Skittle can’t deal with the filth and goes back outside. The needles and white dust on the bathroom sink all look familiar to Free. Downstairs, Sha wonders if Prometheans deserve to exist given that their existence is so out of balance with the world. Calogero admits a certain… fondness for Sha. Stating that he’ll be happy when she gets her soul back.

Everyone sleeps. Then they head out for breakfast. Somewhere else. Anywhere else but the crack house.


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