Discarded Fruit

Session Eleven

3 Vitriol for Skittle

Free was told not to take the potion, aqua vitae, until he was ready and understood what it meant to be human. And until he’s made another Created.

They decided to take Carla Two with them, despite protests from Sha who thought that the Brotherhood might have had something to do with Jensen’s death. They head to Calogero’s home for the night. Calogero stores Free’s potion in the basement.

They redraw straws to see who goes next. There’s an argument about whether or not Carla Two should draw. In the end, she doesn’t.. Skittle wins the draw, but gives it to Sha instead. They rest and Free tells Carla Two about God.

In the morning, Calogero makes oatmeal. Sha explains that

1. Eye of Thoth – Babelfish. They’ll use the credit card in the purse that got thrown at Sha to buy a harddrive and download the program. While the others do that, Sha visits Dr. Hoffman’s house and discovers that he’s recently dead. But she speaks to his daughter

Session Ten

5xp 1 vitriol

Skittle, Free, and Snake head up to find the telescope while Sha stays back to check out the computers. Skittle picks locks to get them through. Sha discovers an article written by one of Dr. Jensen’s associates Dr. Hoffman.

Hoffman writes about the difficulty in defining life with any certainty. We are unable to define life because we are unable to dichotomously distinguish it from death or non-life. That even if there is no soul, then consciousness as we know it could be the function of a multiplicity of cellular functions coming together then dispersing through cellular then molecular decomposition. Therefore, it is not impossible to consider that if there were a way to un-disperse, to reunify all those molar particles of consciousness, that life as we know it could be reassembled. The dead could be brought back to life in such a fashion. Furthermore, it would even be possible to make new life by recombining molar particles of consciousness from a multiplicity of sources.

Sha tracks down the address of submissions in hopes of finding Dr. Hoffman. She wants to enlist his help in restoring her lost memory.

The other three get to the telescope. Free manages to get it working. Sha finishes up and meets them. Sha finds the coordinates of four white dwarves and begins taking pictures with the telescope. She prints them out. Then, with the sound of security coming close, they exit out onto the roof and run, barely escaping security.

Instead of going back to the garage, Sha heads to Reality Press, the place that Hoffman had submitted his article. Sha goes in despite the concerns of the group. Snake and Skittle wait outside while Free goes with Sha. As Sha and Free head back, they catch Snake kissing Skittle.

They head back to the garage. As Calogero is distilling the ingredients, pandorans attack. The group fights them off and Calogero gives the sparkling solution to Free.

The group senses another Promethean close by. Snake and Skittle head outside, suspecting it’s Carla. It is and when they catch up to her she admits that she led “them” there to the pyros because she knew the group could defeat them. She tells them that the Brotherhood knows where they are.

Session Nine

3 xp 1 milestone for everyone

Ultimately, they scare the new promethean, Carla Two, away. Sha heads back inside to help Calogero because she seems to be getting a little sweet on him, but then Free comes in and ruins her night. Sha explains how Dr. Jensen noted that sulfuric acid and vitriol were remarkably similar and that you can get sulfuric acid from car batteries, so Free starts looking for one.

Meanwhile, Calogero talks to Shaw about what it means to be human.

Calogero: “But how human have you become, in your time since your birth?” SHA: “Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?” looking down at myself. “I’m still unsure about my gender.” Free: “Being human’s not about what you ave between the legs Mr SHA.” Calogero: “Certainly not. It is the breadth of your ability to forge connections with others. A trying task for the Created.” SHA: “I was not built to be human, it was an accident. A scientific anomoly.” Calogero: “Or it was the intent. You are unlike the others. In what way?” SHA: * +SHA straightens again. SHA: “I was created to house a Zero Point Module, a perpetual energy source. My body was constructed using a titanium-steel alloy. I was also designed with a computer interface.” Calogero: To SHA: “But why were you created? The how is almost irrelevant. Not entirely so, but almost.” SHA: “I was created to be Dr. Jensin’s research assistant. He is…dead. I no longer have a primary directive, other than survival.” Calogero: “You were created to be his friend,” he says, understanding now. SHA: “Affir…yes. He was my friend…” sort of looking away, her optical outlets stinging slightly.

While looking for a battery, Free discovers that he has use of the Transmutation of Might while trying to get through a stubborn door. He finds it and he and Sha extract the acid.

During that, Skittle expresses guilt over how things went with Carla Two to Snake.

Snake: “What would you have said, now that you can think about it?” Skittle: “Stop. I’m sorry. We won’t take your vitriol. Go speak to the man inside.” Snake: He nods and smiles. Then he puts his hand on Skittle’s shoulder and squeezes. “That would’ve been good. This is why you should talk more. Your words are good.”

Skittle tries to go after her with no luck. He asks what Snake will do if Sha decides to kill people for her ingredients. Snake says, “I’m not sure. But I don’t believe in killing anyone who hasn’t tried to kill anyone else. Free puts it a different way. I say do unto others what they’re willing to do unto others.”

Then they talk about their own ingredients and pasts a little more. And they dance around growing feelings for one another.

Snake: “How long have you been in this existence.” Skittle: “Couple of years.” I look up at him questioningly. Snake: “I ask because I like to hear your voice.” Skittle: I frown at him. “Why?” Snake: “It’s strong, but soft.” Skittle: I frown again. “How long have you..?” Snake: “Twenty years now.” Skittle: “Long time. All alone?” Snake: He nods. “I met and stayed along with a few people now and again, but we always parted ways.” Skittle: “Was with Sephie. Then Reese. Then no one for a while.” Snake: “You seem like you would enjoy being alone some.” Skittle: I nod. “Easier.” Snake: He nods. “But less…” he shuts his eyes and breathes deeply. “Whole.” Skittle: I nod again. “Yes.” Snake: He puts his arms around you. “I have you now.” Skittle: I smile. “You’ll stay?” Snake: “As long as you do, I think I will. If I have to leave, I would like to take you with me.”

Then the two of them wander off to an alley way and…

5. The Light of Dying Star – Sha and Free come back out the truck excitedly. Skittle and Snake come out to meet them. Sha tells them that they need to go to a university in Silicon Valley to use the telescope to take pictures of a dying star.

As they drive,

Free: “I’m thinking I should apologize to y’all.” I’m looking at Snake Snake: Snake gets into the car. “Apologize? Really? Why?” Free: “Cause I said some things I didn’t mean.” Snake: “I did some things. I think we’re good.” Free: “I… I know I’m not smart like Mr SHA, strong like you, or pretty and clever like Mr Skittle but I try my hardest not to be a burden.” Skittle: “Shut up,” I mumble. Free: “I guess I was being envious is all.” Snake: Snake laughs. Then he pats Free on the back. “Look that way and put your seatbelt on.” Free: I put my seatbelt on without understanding what Snake said glad to be in his good graces again.

They get to the university and head inside to find the telescope!

Session Eight

3 xp

1 milestone for Skittle

2. The Breath of Life or Death – They discuss at length about this one. Sha seems to want to kill someone and record. Or, as a second option, record a birth. Free seems alright with that at first, but worries about the morality of stealing such an item. Skittle suggests they go to a video store and pick up a documentary about birth. They drive to a video store, but Free changes his mind at the last moment, upsetting Skittle. Free gets jealous that everyone liked Skittle’s idea.

Skittle leaves to eat and is followed by the others while Free is visited by an angel in the truck. He breathes the first breath he takes after the angel leaves into the flask—his first breath after being “baptised”.

While eating, Skittle says he knows they won’t all get to earn their souls together. As each of them becomes human, the disquiet will eventually tear the group apart. He also lets it slip that he knows some of the ingredients—bird parts and vitriol.

Free tells them that the angel told him about how he was earning his soul just like Calogero had, leading them all to believe that Calogero had once been a promethean too.

Free does not seem to believe that Disquiet will be an issue.

3. The Aspect of the Ibis – These are the bird parts that Skittle mentioned. Specifically, a curved beak and the wings.

Skittle is worried about how much time they have, but Free becomes more interested in what exactly Calogero is than finding his ingredients. He pushes Calogero, who psuedo-admits that he was not a Tammuz, but may have been something else. Then Free starts questioning Calogero about his alchemy and how it’s done. Skittle insists that it doesn’t matter, hoping to hurry things along.

Free gets upset, saying that Skittle only says that because he had people to tell him things. Skittle heads out to the car, again trying to hurry things.

Out in the truck, Free gives the group the third degree, asking if they knew it was called alchemy and other things. When they say they did, Free accuses them of keeping things from him. He continues to grill them about what they know, driving Skittle to put together an entire paragraph of words.

Free: “I asked where Prometheans come from before and now’s when you tell me.”

Skittle: “Someone died. Probably murdered. They were killed and then your master did the alchemy and put the ichor inside the corpse. He woke you up and then he left you alone because you never really mattered to him. He just needed you so he could come back later and take the vitriol out to make himself human. That’s how prometheans are made. Humans hate us because they know we shouldn’t be here.Because these bodies used to belong to them but they got all twisted and tainted in the process. That’s how they’re made, Free. Are you happier now? We’re running out of time.”

After explaining that they were still fighting against time/Disquiet, Free insisted that they tell him more about alchemy before he’d think about his next ingredient. In frustration, Skittle goes to fix the car in the garage so he’ll have something to do besides think about how much he wants to hit Free. Snake heads that way too, telling Sha to follow so they can redraw straws.

Calogero explains that won’t be possible though as this place has already been marked as the place to put together Free’s ingredients. So, Sha gets mercury from the fire alarm and gives it to Calogero as Free’s next ingredient.

But, Snake and Free get into an argument while Sha and Skittle work on the prettier car. The argument ends with Snake hitting Free and hurting him badly. Snake storms out and Skittle follows. Sha gets Free healed up.

4. Vitriol – The lifeblood of another promethean. Free continues to waste time as he laments not being able to use his own, if he even has it. Outside, as Skittle tries to calm Snake, another Created appears, summoned just like they were. She is clearly Tammuz and Sha suggest they use her’s. Free disagrees and they discuss while Skittle hides behind Snake.

Session Seven

3 xp

They drive for a long time, stopping occasionally for food, gas, and to switch drivers. As they enter California, Sha shows them a map with the most efficient route marked and Skittle alters course for it.

The group becomes interested in Skittle’s near constant silence. As they question him, Free becomes jealous. He’s been mute for most of his life but Skittle simply chooses not to speak. Skittle says he’ doesn’t talk because Sephie didn’t like it when he did.

While driving, they suddenly get the urge to go to the right. They follow their intuition and end up at a ramshackle garage. They go in to explore and find a brazier in the back work area. When he approaches it, Skittle gets a feeling of disappointment so heavy, he knocks over the brazier in anger. Then the disappointment settles over the rest. Just as they’re about to start fighting, a man walks in. He calls himself Calogero and he says he wants to help them attain souls.

They need to collect the ingredients for the ritual, but they can only collect one at a time and only for one person, otherwise the items will be tainted.

SHA: “Can multiple peices be gathered?”

Calogero: “Not at one time. One process must be completed before another can begin. We must be concerned about the spiritual contamination and principles of contagion that would render my work useless to me and to you by the introduction of alchemical connections to another.”

They draw straws to see who goes first. Free wins. Each item must have some significance to the person for whom the ritual will be done.

1. Eye of Thoth – Free chooses a mirror since they are the windows to the soul. Also, because the moon is a mirror to the sun.

Session 6

3 xp

The group wake up and discover the mine is haunted. Rather than stick around, they made a hasty exit. They find a hole and Snake helps the others up, then says he’ll find another. Skittle jumps back down, refusing to leave until they’ve all gotten out.

They eventually come upon a cabin in the woods. But, discovering that it is not only inhabited, but also housing parts of corpses, they discuss where else they might go. While doing that, the “hunters” drive back up to the house. There are three of them. And between the three, they seem to be sharing one eyeball that they pass around.

Snake and the others want to go find the truck, but Skittle maintains that’s a bad idea. He never explains why though, so the majority wins.

They get back to the truck and the girls are there waiting for them, just as Skittle suspected. They shoot at them, but only one can see. Skittle, lacking a gun this time, runs back into the woods and Snake goes after him. Free and Sha go take care of the girls.

As they’re driving away, they discuss whether or not to go back to the cabin and burn it down. In the end, Snake suggests they just leave as Skittle doesn’t seem to be doing very well.

Free suggests that Snake and Skittle are “special” friends, causing the two of them to clam up.

Session 5

2 xp

The group makes a fire and passes out snacks. Skittle settles in next to Snake, falling asleep almost immediately. The rest of them exchange stories about who they are and where they came from.

Free says that he’s not sure where he’s from. He awoke somewhere, then Drakontra took him home. He says he woke up buried and had to dig his way out, showing himself to be Tammuz. Free explains that he was Drakonta’s slave and when Sha and Skittle hit him with their car, he said his first words. He also explained that Skittle shot Drakonta in the head and killed him.

Snake seemed a little wary of that. He changes the subject, asking Sha where she hails from.

Sha explains that she was created in a lab by Dr. Malachai Jensin, designed to be his research assistant. He spent 152 days with Jensin until Jensin was killed. Sha is travelling to Silicon Valley in hopes of using the supercomputers there to help rebuild her memory of the events that led to Jensin’s death.

Sha asks if Prometheans get visions while they sleep. Snake says he has nightmares, but he supposes visions are possible too.

Sha had a “vision” of herself, Free, and Skittle in destroyed Silicon Valley.

Skittle wakes up and Free asks where they found him. Oregon.

When asked, Skittle says he’s from Seattle and his creator was a woman named Sephie. She’s dead now. Another promethean called Reese killed her. When asked two questions at once, “Did Sephie hurt you?” and “You think I might have killed her myself?”, Skittle nodded. With prompting, he admits that Reese is dead now too thanks to Disquiet.

Free doesn’t know what that is, so they explain it. Sha shows Skittle the journal that Jensin kept. Sha says, “My ZPM emitts a special form of radiation causing strange emotions in humans. If what you said is true, Snake that it’s the same as Azoth. Then Azoth is the cause of Disquiet.”

Jensin seemed to be looking for a way to use the ZPM to create limitless power for the world.

Free suggest that while most people have to repay God for their soul, perhaps prometheans have to do it in reverse.

They discover that Sha has no gentalia to speak of, male or female.

Snake: “He taught you about love?” And slavery? That’s special. Disquiet must have had him bad.”

Free: “Not much first he told me about love then he called me his slave and told me that I had to serve him or I would kill people like the monster who put me in the ground.”

Skittle: “Disquiet.”

Snake: He frowns. “Did you enjoy being a slave?”

Free: I look at Snake then Skittle then back at Snake “No, every moment I was a slave I wanted to be free.”

Snake: “Then why are you still a slave?”

Skittle: I look up at Snake, not fully following him.

Free: “Because I have no soul, my arm writing says that.” I show Snake my left forearm, the one with the tattoo

Snake:”You don’t have to let that keep you following everything Drakonta ever told you.”

Free: “Drakonta never told me this Mr Snake, you did. You told me I had no soul.”

Snake: “I mean all the things Drakonta told you about god. It sounds like you’re a slave to it.”

Free: I frown “How do you mean?”

Skittle: “What God says. You follow. No question.”

Free: “I don’t know what God says, nobody does all I can do is try to figure out what he wants.”

Skittle: I sigh. “Lost cause.”

Snake tells them he’s from Oregon. He woke up on a slab with two giant needles in his neck. He pulled them out and got attacked by a snake pandoran. It was his first word, so it became his name.

Skittle said he got his name because Reese liked candy. They talk a bit more, then go to sleep around the fire.

Session 4
Another day older and closer to death


Sha gets sleepy, so Skittle takes over the driving. Snake followed him to the front seat for the drive while Sha and Free laid down in the back.

Snake told Skittle that he reminded of someone he used to know. He helped to lick Skittle’s hands clean. Skittle admitted that Snake also reminded him of someone, though Snake may not have gotten due to Skittle’s odd speech patterns.

Skittle had to turn around because of a forest fire blocking the road. He tried to take another way, but there was barbed wire strewn across the road. Snake and Sha got out to investigate, Skittle stayed in the truck, sure something bad was about to happen.

And then someone started shooting at them.

They all got out and ran. Skittle slipped and fell down a hill, taking Snake with him. Snake managed to soften the fall, but he couldn’t save Skittle from the patch of poison ivy.

The found a cave to hide inside. Snake ducked out to find something to help with Skittle’s itching. Whoever shot at them was getting closer, so when Snake returned they all retreated further into the cave.

Free fell down a hole and discovered a safe place for them to hide for the night. It was an old mine shaft.

Session Three


They managed to fight them off, but sustained some pretty serious injuries. Snake led them to the gas generator in the back where they healed.

Snake and Skittle took the gas back to the truck while Sha and Free stayed gathering supplies. Upon returning with the truck, Snake and Skittle went to find clean clothes. Sha and Free stayed back getting things ready and discussing God.

Skittle passes the clothes out to each of them. Free is amazed at the lightness of them.

Snake and Skittle go to sleep in the backseat while Sha drives into the darkness.

Session Two
Ghost Town


They drive for a long time down empty road until the gas in the truck ran out. They walked three hours to an abonded town. The cars were old and rusted. Skittle immediately turned to leave, saying it was bad and wrong. Free followed him, but Sha remained determined to get gas.

On the way back to the truck, Skittle and Free were attacked by a pandoran. Only knowing that it was the most terrifying thing he’d ever seen, Skittle ran with Free close behind. Luckily, they were saved by Snake, a wretched. He shot the pandoran and took them back to meet up with Sha.

While there, they were attacked again, this time by a whole group.


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