Discarded Fruit

Session 4

Another day older and closer to death


Sha gets sleepy, so Skittle takes over the driving. Snake followed him to the front seat for the drive while Sha and Free laid down in the back.

Snake told Skittle that he reminded of someone he used to know. He helped to lick Skittle’s hands clean. Skittle admitted that Snake also reminded him of someone, though Snake may not have gotten due to Skittle’s odd speech patterns.

Skittle had to turn around because of a forest fire blocking the road. He tried to take another way, but there was barbed wire strewn across the road. Snake and Sha got out to investigate, Skittle stayed in the truck, sure something bad was about to happen.

And then someone started shooting at them.

They all got out and ran. Skittle slipped and fell down a hill, taking Snake with him. Snake managed to soften the fall, but he couldn’t save Skittle from the patch of poison ivy.

The found a cave to hide inside. Snake ducked out to find something to help with Skittle’s itching. Whoever shot at them was getting closer, so when Snake returned they all retreated further into the cave.

Free fell down a hole and discovered a safe place for them to hide for the night. It was an old mine shaft.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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