Discarded Fruit

Session 5

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The group makes a fire and passes out snacks. Skittle settles in next to Snake, falling asleep almost immediately. The rest of them exchange stories about who they are and where they came from.

Free says that he’s not sure where he’s from. He awoke somewhere, then Drakontra took him home. He says he woke up buried and had to dig his way out, showing himself to be Tammuz. Free explains that he was Drakonta’s slave and when Sha and Skittle hit him with their car, he said his first words. He also explained that Skittle shot Drakonta in the head and killed him.

Snake seemed a little wary of that. He changes the subject, asking Sha where she hails from.

Sha explains that she was created in a lab by Dr. Malachai Jensin, designed to be his research assistant. He spent 152 days with Jensin until Jensin was killed. Sha is travelling to Silicon Valley in hopes of using the supercomputers there to help rebuild her memory of the events that led to Jensin’s death.

Sha asks if Prometheans get visions while they sleep. Snake says he has nightmares, but he supposes visions are possible too.

Sha had a “vision” of herself, Free, and Skittle in destroyed Silicon Valley.

Skittle wakes up and Free asks where they found him. Oregon.

When asked, Skittle says he’s from Seattle and his creator was a woman named Sephie. She’s dead now. Another promethean called Reese killed her. When asked two questions at once, “Did Sephie hurt you?” and “You think I might have killed her myself?”, Skittle nodded. With prompting, he admits that Reese is dead now too thanks to Disquiet.

Free doesn’t know what that is, so they explain it. Sha shows Skittle the journal that Jensin kept. Sha says, “My ZPM emitts a special form of radiation causing strange emotions in humans. If what you said is true, Snake that it’s the same as Azoth. Then Azoth is the cause of Disquiet.”

Jensin seemed to be looking for a way to use the ZPM to create limitless power for the world.

Free suggest that while most people have to repay God for their soul, perhaps prometheans have to do it in reverse.

They discover that Sha has no gentalia to speak of, male or female.

Snake: “He taught you about love?” And slavery? That’s special. Disquiet must have had him bad.”

Free: “Not much first he told me about love then he called me his slave and told me that I had to serve him or I would kill people like the monster who put me in the ground.”

Skittle: “Disquiet.”

Snake: He frowns. “Did you enjoy being a slave?”

Free: I look at Snake then Skittle then back at Snake “No, every moment I was a slave I wanted to be free.”

Snake: “Then why are you still a slave?”

Skittle: I look up at Snake, not fully following him.

Free: “Because I have no soul, my arm writing says that.” I show Snake my left forearm, the one with the tattoo

Snake:”You don’t have to let that keep you following everything Drakonta ever told you.”

Free: “Drakonta never told me this Mr Snake, you did. You told me I had no soul.”

Snake: “I mean all the things Drakonta told you about god. It sounds like you’re a slave to it.”

Free: I frown “How do you mean?”

Skittle: “What God says. You follow. No question.”

Free: “I don’t know what God says, nobody does all I can do is try to figure out what he wants.”

Skittle: I sigh. “Lost cause.”

Snake tells them he’s from Oregon. He woke up on a slab with two giant needles in his neck. He pulled them out and got attacked by a snake pandoran. It was his first word, so it became his name.

Skittle said he got his name because Reese liked candy. They talk a bit more, then go to sleep around the fire.


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