Discarded Fruit

Session 6

3 xp

The group wake up and discover the mine is haunted. Rather than stick around, they made a hasty exit. They find a hole and Snake helps the others up, then says he’ll find another. Skittle jumps back down, refusing to leave until they’ve all gotten out.

They eventually come upon a cabin in the woods. But, discovering that it is not only inhabited, but also housing parts of corpses, they discuss where else they might go. While doing that, the “hunters” drive back up to the house. There are three of them. And between the three, they seem to be sharing one eyeball that they pass around.

Snake and the others want to go find the truck, but Skittle maintains that’s a bad idea. He never explains why though, so the majority wins.

They get back to the truck and the girls are there waiting for them, just as Skittle suspected. They shoot at them, but only one can see. Skittle, lacking a gun this time, runs back into the woods and Snake goes after him. Free and Sha go take care of the girls.

As they’re driving away, they discuss whether or not to go back to the cabin and burn it down. In the end, Snake suggests they just leave as Skittle doesn’t seem to be doing very well.

Free suggests that Snake and Skittle are “special” friends, causing the two of them to clam up.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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