Discarded Fruit

Session Eight

3 xp

1 milestone for Skittle

2. The Breath of Life or Death – They discuss at length about this one. Sha seems to want to kill someone and record. Or, as a second option, record a birth. Free seems alright with that at first, but worries about the morality of stealing such an item. Skittle suggests they go to a video store and pick up a documentary about birth. They drive to a video store, but Free changes his mind at the last moment, upsetting Skittle. Free gets jealous that everyone liked Skittle’s idea.

Skittle leaves to eat and is followed by the others while Free is visited by an angel in the truck. He breathes the first breath he takes after the angel leaves into the flask—his first breath after being “baptised”.

While eating, Skittle says he knows they won’t all get to earn their souls together. As each of them becomes human, the disquiet will eventually tear the group apart. He also lets it slip that he knows some of the ingredients—bird parts and vitriol.

Free tells them that the angel told him about how he was earning his soul just like Calogero had, leading them all to believe that Calogero had once been a promethean too.

Free does not seem to believe that Disquiet will be an issue.

3. The Aspect of the Ibis – These are the bird parts that Skittle mentioned. Specifically, a curved beak and the wings.

Skittle is worried about how much time they have, but Free becomes more interested in what exactly Calogero is than finding his ingredients. He pushes Calogero, who psuedo-admits that he was not a Tammuz, but may have been something else. Then Free starts questioning Calogero about his alchemy and how it’s done. Skittle insists that it doesn’t matter, hoping to hurry things along.

Free gets upset, saying that Skittle only says that because he had people to tell him things. Skittle heads out to the car, again trying to hurry things.

Out in the truck, Free gives the group the third degree, asking if they knew it was called alchemy and other things. When they say they did, Free accuses them of keeping things from him. He continues to grill them about what they know, driving Skittle to put together an entire paragraph of words.

Free: “I asked where Prometheans come from before and now’s when you tell me.”

Skittle: “Someone died. Probably murdered. They were killed and then your master did the alchemy and put the ichor inside the corpse. He woke you up and then he left you alone because you never really mattered to him. He just needed you so he could come back later and take the vitriol out to make himself human. That’s how prometheans are made. Humans hate us because they know we shouldn’t be here.Because these bodies used to belong to them but they got all twisted and tainted in the process. That’s how they’re made, Free. Are you happier now? We’re running out of time.”

After explaining that they were still fighting against time/Disquiet, Free insisted that they tell him more about alchemy before he’d think about his next ingredient. In frustration, Skittle goes to fix the car in the garage so he’ll have something to do besides think about how much he wants to hit Free. Snake heads that way too, telling Sha to follow so they can redraw straws.

Calogero explains that won’t be possible though as this place has already been marked as the place to put together Free’s ingredients. So, Sha gets mercury from the fire alarm and gives it to Calogero as Free’s next ingredient.

But, Snake and Free get into an argument while Sha and Skittle work on the prettier car. The argument ends with Snake hitting Free and hurting him badly. Snake storms out and Skittle follows. Sha gets Free healed up.

4. Vitriol – The lifeblood of another promethean. Free continues to waste time as he laments not being able to use his own, if he even has it. Outside, as Skittle tries to calm Snake, another Created appears, summoned just like they were. She is clearly Tammuz and Sha suggest they use her’s. Free disagrees and they discuss while Skittle hides behind Snake.


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