Discarded Fruit

Session Eighteen


Free finally gives in once Calogero has mostly assured Free that Carla will be alright, Free agrees to let her do it. She’s weak afterwards and Sha helps her up to bed where Free takes over her care.

Sha hangs out with Calogero while she tries to think of

5. The Light of a Dying Star

Sha goes outside to talk to Snake and Skittle and see if they’ve got any ideas.

Sha: grabbing a rag to help clean, “What do you think of when someone says ‘dying star’?” Skittle: “A dying star.” Snake: “A dying star. Same here.” Sha: pausing and frowning a bit “Me too.” going back to cleaning “Unfortunately long range space travel is still so far off.” kinda snickering a some personal joke. Skittle: “We already used that for Free’s.” Snake: nods. “We’ll have to come up with something else.” Sha: “Pictures, yes. Can not reuse ingredients, which is unfortunate. It was such a brilliant idea.” Skittle: “Sunlight.” Snake: “But the sun isn’t dying.” Skittle: “Yes it is. Discovery channel. In a few million years, it will stop.” Sha: pausing again “Exactly! Everything in exsistence is in a constant state of Entropy, albeit at it’s individual rate of speed.” Smiling up at Skittle “Even our sun, I even know how to collect the light needed. Brilliant Skittle!” Skittle: I nod and continue scrubbing. Snake: smiles. “That’s pretty genius.” [Skittle: “Discovery channel.”

Sha decides to build a device from solar panels to hold sunlight. They head to a department store and get run out at gunpoint as usual. Back at the house, Sha puts the thing together. Everyone sleeps and in the morning she reveals it to Calogero.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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