Discarded Fruit

Session Eleven

3 Vitriol for Skittle

Free was told not to take the potion, aqua vitae, until he was ready and understood what it meant to be human. And until he’s made another Created.

They decided to take Carla Two with them, despite protests from Sha who thought that the Brotherhood might have had something to do with Jensen’s death. They head to Calogero’s home for the night. Calogero stores Free’s potion in the basement.

They redraw straws to see who goes next. There’s an argument about whether or not Carla Two should draw. In the end, she doesn’t.. Skittle wins the draw, but gives it to Sha instead. They rest and Free tells Carla Two about God.

In the morning, Calogero makes oatmeal. Sha explains that

1. Eye of Thoth – Babelfish. They’ll use the credit card in the purse that got thrown at Sha to buy a harddrive and download the program. While the others do that, Sha visits Dr. Hoffman’s house and discovers that he’s recently dead. But she speaks to his daughter


bluejack404 Phaestus

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