Discarded Fruit

Session Fifteen


They kill one of the guys and Skittle steals his radio. It seems like the Brotherhood released a Pandoran into the house, so the group runs away, respecting the better part of valor. Snake gets shot pretty bad. So does the car.

When they get back to the crack house, Sha informs the others of her plan to kill Carla if she can’t convince Sha that she didn’t tell the Brotherhood where they were. Skittle tries to stop her by not letting her get out at Calogero’s, but Sha is tenacious and jumps out of the moving car. Back at the house, Sha storms inside to Carla.

Skittle: I go after Sha. “Sha, stop.” Sha: spinning around angry “What!” Free: I’m standing protectively in front of Carla Two Skittle: “Leave her alone.” Sha: “Why?” Skittle: “Because she’s like us. She’s terrified of them.” Carla: “What is happening?” Snake: limps inside, still bleeding. “SHA, you don’t know who led them there.” Free: “Did you get the items you needed from Mr Cologero’s house?” Sha: “But she’s feeding them information about us, me.” turning to Carla “WE were attack YOUR friends! I will end this now.” and starts for Carla. Free: I’m in between Carla and SHA Skittle: I fire a shot in Sha’s direction. Not to hit. Just to warn. Sha: i continue. Free: “Ms SHA kindly stop” I say makeing sure I’m in between SHA and Carla Sha: “Explain Yourself!” Skittle: “Stop it!” Sha: reaching out to grab her Skittle: I shoot Sha.

Sha, having suffered other wounds at the hands of the Brotherhood, passes out after Skittle shoots her. Carla has a strange freak out moment in which she starts parroting Free. Skittle shuts down. Calogero patches up Snake and then Sha, insisting that the healing process is an important part of being human. Sha wakes up, embarrassed that Calogero had to fix her like that.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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