Discarded Fruit

Session Fourteen


They begin their search for

2. Breath of Life/Death

Sha: “I’ve got it!” smiling and snapping her fingers together “Carbon!” Skittle: “Where?” Free: “Like coal?” Carla: “The origin of life.” Snake: “From dust to dust.” Free: “Do you believe that a rock gave birth to life?” Skittle: “Do you believe a sky ghost did?” I spit back at him, before I even realize I’m saying it. And I immediately look apologetic. Sha: looking at Free kinda surprised “You’re exactly correct, Free. Coal. It’s pure carbon. All life on earth has a common carbon base, and when they die, their bodies turn into coal after several thousands of years of course.” Free: I stop “Good point Skittle.” Snake: “Carbon’s everywhere. Pencils, charcoal, everything.” Free: “We’re made of Carbon too right?” Sha: “Funny thing huh? Humans use the dead to fuel fire, children use the dead to practice writing.”

Sha upsets someone while getting the coal and a police officer shoots at her as she’s leaving. The idea that she was shot for her incivility comforts Free slightly, but then less so when the cop misses and hits Free instead. Snake helps ditch the car. Sha uses the battery to heal Free.

Back at the crack house, Calogero has cooked burgers for everyone. Sha gives him the charcoal. Skittle refuses to eat inside so Snake brings the food out to him. Skittle still refuses to eat, not wanting anything that came out of that kitchen. Free eats and starts getting things together to make a homemade banjo. Skittle admires the car that he’s pretty much fixed and Snake promises to get some new paint for it.

3. Aspect of the Ibiss

Sha gets Skittle to take her back to Calogero’s to get a thermometer to get the mercury out of it. Snake comes along. When they get there, they realize that Calogero’s house is being watched. They get attacked by The Brotherhood who want to take Sha alive, but kill the others. The Brotherhood shatters the back windshield of the car, among other things.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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