Discarded Fruit

Session Nine

3 xp 1 milestone for everyone

Ultimately, they scare the new promethean, Carla Two, away. Sha heads back inside to help Calogero because she seems to be getting a little sweet on him, but then Free comes in and ruins her night. Sha explains how Dr. Jensen noted that sulfuric acid and vitriol were remarkably similar and that you can get sulfuric acid from car batteries, so Free starts looking for one.

Meanwhile, Calogero talks to Shaw about what it means to be human.

Calogero: “But how human have you become, in your time since your birth?” SHA: “Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?” looking down at myself. “I’m still unsure about my gender.” Free: “Being human’s not about what you ave between the legs Mr SHA.” Calogero: “Certainly not. It is the breadth of your ability to forge connections with others. A trying task for the Created.” SHA: “I was not built to be human, it was an accident. A scientific anomoly.” Calogero: “Or it was the intent. You are unlike the others. In what way?” SHA: * +SHA straightens again. SHA: “I was created to house a Zero Point Module, a perpetual energy source. My body was constructed using a titanium-steel alloy. I was also designed with a computer interface.” Calogero: To SHA: “But why were you created? The how is almost irrelevant. Not entirely so, but almost.” SHA: “I was created to be Dr. Jensin’s research assistant. He is…dead. I no longer have a primary directive, other than survival.” Calogero: “You were created to be his friend,” he says, understanding now. SHA: “Affir…yes. He was my friend…” sort of looking away, her optical outlets stinging slightly.

While looking for a battery, Free discovers that he has use of the Transmutation of Might while trying to get through a stubborn door. He finds it and he and Sha extract the acid.

During that, Skittle expresses guilt over how things went with Carla Two to Snake.

Snake: “What would you have said, now that you can think about it?” Skittle: “Stop. I’m sorry. We won’t take your vitriol. Go speak to the man inside.” Snake: He nods and smiles. Then he puts his hand on Skittle’s shoulder and squeezes. “That would’ve been good. This is why you should talk more. Your words are good.”

Skittle tries to go after her with no luck. He asks what Snake will do if Sha decides to kill people for her ingredients. Snake says, “I’m not sure. But I don’t believe in killing anyone who hasn’t tried to kill anyone else. Free puts it a different way. I say do unto others what they’re willing to do unto others.”

Then they talk about their own ingredients and pasts a little more. And they dance around growing feelings for one another.

Snake: “How long have you been in this existence.” Skittle: “Couple of years.” I look up at him questioningly. Snake: “I ask because I like to hear your voice.” Skittle: I frown at him. “Why?” Snake: “It’s strong, but soft.” Skittle: I frown again. “How long have you..?” Snake: “Twenty years now.” Skittle: “Long time. All alone?” Snake: He nods. “I met and stayed along with a few people now and again, but we always parted ways.” Skittle: “Was with Sephie. Then Reese. Then no one for a while.” Snake: “You seem like you would enjoy being alone some.” Skittle: I nod. “Easier.” Snake: He nods. “But less…” he shuts his eyes and breathes deeply. “Whole.” Skittle: I nod again. “Yes.” Snake: He puts his arms around you. “I have you now.” Skittle: I smile. “You’ll stay?” Snake: “As long as you do, I think I will. If I have to leave, I would like to take you with me.”

Then the two of them wander off to an alley way and…

5. The Light of Dying Star – Sha and Free come back out the truck excitedly. Skittle and Snake come out to meet them. Sha tells them that they need to go to a university in Silicon Valley to use the telescope to take pictures of a dying star.

As they drive,

Free: “I’m thinking I should apologize to y’all.” I’m looking at Snake Snake: Snake gets into the car. “Apologize? Really? Why?” Free: “Cause I said some things I didn’t mean.” Snake: “I did some things. I think we’re good.” Free: “I… I know I’m not smart like Mr SHA, strong like you, or pretty and clever like Mr Skittle but I try my hardest not to be a burden.” Skittle: “Shut up,” I mumble. Free: “I guess I was being envious is all.” Snake: Snake laughs. Then he pats Free on the back. “Look that way and put your seatbelt on.” Free: I put my seatbelt on without understanding what Snake said glad to be in his good graces again.

They get to the university and head inside to find the telescope!


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