Discarded Fruit

Session Nineteen

4xp 8 vitriol 2 extra for Sha 4 extra for Skittle

Sha gives the light to Calogero and he creates the elixir. The final three draw straws again. Carla wins, but wants to go last, so she gives her turn to Skittle.

Sha desperately wants to stay with Calogero while he moves to a new location and Skittle goes to get his

1. Eye of Thoth Skittle goes to a new age bookstore to get a tarot deck. The cashier calls him Kevin and shows him a picture of them together along with his sister. Skittle insists it isn’t him and leaves the money on the counter. After finding out it’s the judgement card he wants, Sha argues that Thoth had little to do with judgment and urged him to use the magician. Skittle stuck with his original choice.

The went to Calogero’s new place. Like the crack house, it was very dirty.

2. Breath of Life/Death Skittle takes a picture of his first kiss with Snake.

3. Aspect of the Ibiss Eggs.

4. Vitriol With Carla’s help, Skittle makes a voodoo doll of Sephie, his creator. He says it’s the most vitriolic thing he could think to do.

5. Light of a Dying Star Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix

The elixir will give Skittle a +7. Free’s elixir grants him a +5. Sha’s will give a +5 as well.

Calogero suggests they form a throng. There’s some static between Skittle and Sha, Skittle not entirely trusting Sha, but in the end they do it. Since Skittle’s been in a throng before, he leads the meditation.

Carla insists that Snake go next. But first, they sleep.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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