Discarded Fruit

Session One

I'm charging my fireball.


SHA, a young unfleshed Promethean, had just left his home in the Northwest territories after his creator, Dr. Malakai Jesnin, was killed. He walked to Brenshaw, Wa. and headed into an internet cafe to do some research on his ultimate destination: Silicon Valley. Disquiet begins to affect the other patrons and they bodily toss Sha out to the street.

Meanwhile, Skittle, a Galatied, is vagranting near the bar, waiting for an easy mark who’s pocket he can pick. Unfortunately, he gets caught. The man, already annoyed, easily gives into the muse’s disquiet. He grabs Skittle and begins to rape him.

Sha accidentally interrupts and while the man is distracted, Skittle manages to squirm away. A fight ensues and Skittle hits the man with an axe. Several times. Until he stops moving. That’s when they decided it might be a good time to steal the man’s truck and run away.

They drive for a while, just going in the general direction of the valley of silicon. While driving down a dirt road somewhere, they accidentally hit a golem. They get out to check on him. He says, “I am… free.” Skittle leads Free over to the car and uses a set of jumper cables to heal him.

Just then, a car speeds towards them from a very long driveway. It skids to a stop and a man gets out. He charges a fireball, so Skittle gets a gun from the truck and shoots the man in the head a few times.

Sha gets the car fixed up and they go back to driving.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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