Discarded Fruit

Session Seven

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They drive for a long time, stopping occasionally for food, gas, and to switch drivers. As they enter California, Sha shows them a map with the most efficient route marked and Skittle alters course for it.

The group becomes interested in Skittle’s near constant silence. As they question him, Free becomes jealous. He’s been mute for most of his life but Skittle simply chooses not to speak. Skittle says he’ doesn’t talk because Sephie didn’t like it when he did.

While driving, they suddenly get the urge to go to the right. They follow their intuition and end up at a ramshackle garage. They go in to explore and find a brazier in the back work area. When he approaches it, Skittle gets a feeling of disappointment so heavy, he knocks over the brazier in anger. Then the disappointment settles over the rest. Just as they’re about to start fighting, a man walks in. He calls himself Calogero and he says he wants to help them attain souls.

They need to collect the ingredients for the ritual, but they can only collect one at a time and only for one person, otherwise the items will be tainted.

SHA: “Can multiple peices be gathered?”

Calogero: “Not at one time. One process must be completed before another can begin. We must be concerned about the spiritual contamination and principles of contagion that would render my work useless to me and to you by the introduction of alchemical connections to another.”

They draw straws to see who goes first. Free wins. Each item must have some significance to the person for whom the ritual will be done.

1. Eye of Thoth – Free chooses a mirror since they are the windows to the soul. Also, because the moon is a mirror to the sun.


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