Discarded Fruit

Session Ten

5xp 1 vitriol

Skittle, Free, and Snake head up to find the telescope while Sha stays back to check out the computers. Skittle picks locks to get them through. Sha discovers an article written by one of Dr. Jensen’s associates Dr. Hoffman.

Hoffman writes about the difficulty in defining life with any certainty. We are unable to define life because we are unable to dichotomously distinguish it from death or non-life. That even if there is no soul, then consciousness as we know it could be the function of a multiplicity of cellular functions coming together then dispersing through cellular then molecular decomposition. Therefore, it is not impossible to consider that if there were a way to un-disperse, to reunify all those molar particles of consciousness, that life as we know it could be reassembled. The dead could be brought back to life in such a fashion. Furthermore, it would even be possible to make new life by recombining molar particles of consciousness from a multiplicity of sources.

Sha tracks down the address of submissions in hopes of finding Dr. Hoffman. She wants to enlist his help in restoring her lost memory.

The other three get to the telescope. Free manages to get it working. Sha finishes up and meets them. Sha finds the coordinates of four white dwarves and begins taking pictures with the telescope. She prints them out. Then, with the sound of security coming close, they exit out onto the roof and run, barely escaping security.

Instead of going back to the garage, Sha heads to Reality Press, the place that Hoffman had submitted his article. Sha goes in despite the concerns of the group. Snake and Skittle wait outside while Free goes with Sha. As Sha and Free head back, they catch Snake kissing Skittle.

They head back to the garage. As Calogero is distilling the ingredients, pandorans attack. The group fights them off and Calogero gives the sparkling solution to Free.

The group senses another Promethean close by. Snake and Skittle head outside, suspecting it’s Carla. It is and when they catch up to her she admits that she led “them” there to the pyros because she knew the group could defeat them. She tells them that the Brotherhood knows where they are.


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