Discarded Fruit

Session Thirteen


They head to a library, but it’s 9pm and the library is closed. Sha decides to break in.

Skittle: “What..?” I ask as I follow her. Carla: “The doors are on this side of the building.” Sha: “I will go to the back and shut off the power, Skittle can you pick the lock of the doors for me?” Skittle: “Yes, but computers won’t work with no power.” Sha: SHA grins “I know, I will power it down long enough for you to open the doors.” hops out of the truck “See you shortly.” Skittle: I look at Snake, “Should I tell her that sometimes alarms go off when the power gets cut?” Snake: “I didn’t know that. You probably should.” Skittle: I go after Sha. “Sha?” Sha: SHA is “sneaking” around to the back, which actually is just her walking slowly around the back. “Skittle?” Skittle: “Alarms. Sometimes go off with back-up when the power’s cut off.” Sha: SHA stops when I here that. turning around. “Oh?” SHA frowns. “Can you stop the alarm?” Skittle: I shrug. Free: “Are there cafes where people use computers?” Sha: “People, Free, yes.” Snake: “How do the alarms work?” Skittle: “Electric triggers.” Carla: “It takes 30 seconds for the alarm to go off after the door is opened. Then you type 00543 into the panel to the right of the door next to the counter.” Sha: SHA looks at Carla kinda stunned. Skittle: I look at Carla. Snake: Snake looks at Carla. Sha: “How do yu know that?” Carla: Carla looks at everyone. “Carla One remembers.” Sha: “Who’s Carla One?” Skittle: “Her body.” Free: “Really? I thought Carla One was another Promethean.” Sha: “So, she worked here, before…she was turned into a promethean.” Turns to Carla. “Answer?” Carla: Carla looks down, then around at everyone’s feet. “I do not know. I think it is possible. Yes, I must have.”

They get inside and Sha goes to a computer to copy the site. The group mills about, waiting. Skittle finds pot on the desk as he’s cleaning it up and smells pot in the air. Just as he’s about to warn the others that they’re not alone, they all hear a toilet flush. Skittle and Free hold the door shut until Sha finishes, then she holds it shut while the others run out.

They drive to the new address given to them by Calogero. Which turns out to be an abandoned crack house. Skittle can’t deal with the filth and goes back outside. The needles and white dust on the bathroom sink all look familiar to Free. Downstairs, Sha wonders if Prometheans deserve to exist given that their existence is so out of balance with the world. Calogero admits a certain… fondness for Sha. Stating that he’ll be happy when she gets her soul back.

Everyone sleeps. Then they head out for breakfast. Somewhere else. Anywhere else but the crack house.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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