Discarded Fruit

Session Twelve


Sha has the group go to get a harddrive while she goes to Hoffman’s house to speak with his daughter. (I dunno what happened there. Computer reformat, lost my logs.)

The rest successfully get the harddrive. On the drive home, they talk.

Free: “When they ask you to sign something, it means they want you to copy that writing onto the paper.” Carla: “Oh. Why? I can just show them this?” Free: “Well you show them the card and you copy the writing without looking at the back of the card to prove that it’s your card.” Carla: “Okay.” She seems confused. “What about paper. Carla One remembers paper.” Free: “The paper that they asked you to sign?” Carla: “No. It was paper that could be traded like money.” Skittle: “It’s called money.” Carla: “Money. I miss that. It seems simpler. I remember being really good at counting it.” Snake: “You were a cashier.” Carla: “Maybe Carla One was.” Skittle: “Wish I could remember.” Snake: “You don’t remember anything?” Skittle: I shake my head. “Not about whatever I was before I died.” Snake: “You might. Sometimes, I have flashes.” Free: “That’s how I know about the bible and Jesus Christ.” Skittle: “So you were a preacher?” Snake: Snake looks back, only a little, then goes back to the road, paying attention to it primarily. Free: “Don’t know, I also remember fear and hunger. Not hunger like hungry for food though.” Skittle: “For what?” Carla: Carla listens closely. Free: “I don’t know” Free rubs his arms, at the spot where on his human form there are needle marks.

They pick up Sha and head back to Calogero’s.

Snake: “Did you find what you needed?” Carla: “I have your card. I mean, I gave it to Free.” Free: I hold out the card to show SHA. Sha: opening the bag and looking inside for the hard rive nodding at the size. “This is sufficent. I did. Hoffman had some very interesting theories about the ZPM,” taking the card from Free, “Thank you.” Carla: “Theories? Like what?” Sha: “Regarding the interconnections between alternate and paralelle universes, the their independant affects on this universe.” Snake: “Sounds very science fiction.” Free: I shrug, I’m not sure what SHA is talking about. Sha: “Point in fact, Snake. Our very exsistance is science fiction.” Free: “There are more things in heaven and earth than exists in your philosophy.” Snake: “Touche.”

Sha: “What do you know about angels, Free?” Free: “Angels are god’s messengers, they appear when something important happens to guide people.” Sha: “And this place god exsists, ‘heaven’ is it? What do you know about it? Does it have doorways?” Free: “God’s not a place SHA.” Sha: “How so? It isn’t this exsistance” Free: “Well God is the creator of the heaven and the earth, he made everything that is was and ever will be.” Skittle: I furrow my brow, watching them talk. Free: “When a person dies their soul goes to heaven where God welcomes them and in heaven they are happy.” Sha: “You speak as if he too has conciousness, therefore he must exsist on some dimension, not within our own. What if there were doors between the dimensions. Where would those be?” Free: “What?” Sha: scowls in annoyance and then repeats a bit slower. “If god exsists in another place than our own, and if there were doors, where would those doors be?” Free: “I don’t knbow how to answer your ques on, when people die they go to be with God, they don’t come back. I don’t know about any doors.” Sha: “I think that is not entirely correct. Our Azoth comes from somewhere. All matter comes from somewhere, including Azoth.” Free: “Yeah and it comes from somehwere and it goes somewhere, God is the beginning and the end of all things, the alpha and the omega.” Carla: Carla listens with A LOT of interest. Sha: “What if our Azoth came from god’s dimension where these dead souls travel…after all if a real person does have a soul and death is the release thereby sending it to this other dimension perhaps it’s eventible that our very exsistance balances out the missing matter in this dimension.” grabing a water bottle and carfully puring a bit in the palm of my hand, just enough to cause the water tension to contain it in my palm. Free: I look at SHA curiously. Sha: “If this is our exsistance, and matter leaves it, it becomes weakened.” letting just a drop fall on it busting the bubble letting water fall over her palms. “Add too much and it breaks.” Skittle: “We break it.” Snake: Snake nods. Sha: “Professor Hoffman thought that the ZPM that Dr. Jensin was working on, effectively was a man made ‘doorway’” kinda touching my chest. Skittle: “Not to anything that creates balance.” Free: “Like a door to heaven?” Sha: “Or maybe to hell even…that isn’t outside the realm of possiblity…given the metaphysical ramifcations of our discussion.” Free: “Could it mean that souls are made of Azoth too? Only, balanced Azoth?” Sha: “No…there’s no balance to our Azoth. Hince the disfurgments and Disqueit we cause…however I believe that is the purpose of Calgero’s elixir. to somehow balance out the chaos that is Azoth. Making them truly souls.”

Sha gets a Babelfish-esque program on the harddrive while the others order pizza with the stolen card and eat. Sha still needed to test her program though, so before they can go to the new spot that Calogero has found, they’ll need to find her a computer terminal. And they gather their things and head out.


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